ëmBrace uses 3d printing technology to produce a fully custom neck brace which improves comfort and reduces the stigma felt by sufferers of neuromuscular disorders

Neck braces are necessary for thousands of patients throughout the UK, owing to a loss of muscle control in the neck area. However, as well as being uncomfortable, current solutions are unnatractive and uncomfortable, leading to a low uptake of such devices, as well as feelings of shame and humiliation in neck brace wearers.


A bold, stylish design mimics fashion trends of the 60s, eliminating feelings of embarrassment and fostering new confidence in the user. A simple 2 part design is easy to understand and use, and a lightweight form factor is distributed evenly on the shoulders for maximum comfort.

Product Solution

One-off production via 3D printing allows the shape of emBrace to be fully customisable to match the user's proportions, which can be measured using a 3D scanner. Partially flexible Nylon PA12 allows for movement of the neck, and allows a strong form to be produced using minimal material.


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